Links to other groups and associations

This is a list of groups or organisations with whom Peterborough Art Society (PAS) often work with, or deal with in pursuit of our art endeavours. We work with some art groups in sharing programme information and joining together to exhibit art. Some art organsiations have helped Peterborough Art Society in promoting our exhibitions or providing prizes for raffles or for the Annual Children's Art Competition.

Some of these organisations will have links through to a document which shows you more about them. If you work with Peterborough Art Society, or would like to, please contact us using the contact form.

astor and Ailsworth Society of Art (CASA). Details of what they do, where and when they meet, click here     



Society for All Artists (SAA) - providers of artists materials and a membership society who provide regular magazines, competition and catalogues. Peterborough Art Society are art group members. Find them at

Jacksons Art Supplies - providers of artists materials. Find them at

Peterborough Artists Open Studios (PAOS) - many of our members are also members of this art group. They have the same philosophy as PAS and will often help to share information about our group. Find out about them at

CPSO (City Of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra) - Our members regularly attend their rehearsals to paint and draw the orchestra in motion. CPSO will often use one of our paintings on the cover of the programme for the main concert. For more information on CPSO and their concerts please click here.