Winning entry for Childrens Art Competition 2014, 4 to 7 age group.

Our Philosophy

Peterborough Art Society’s philosophy is to develop the aspirations of members to fulfil their artistic potential within a welcoming social setting.

We create a programme to broaden our knowledge and inspire artists to explore new mediums and techniques..

Since creating art work is essentially a solitary experience, we, as a society of artists create the collaborative opportunities to work and learn together.  We offer a varied programme of demonstrations with established artists, discussion evenings and practical sessions.

We created links with like minded local cultural groups to benefit from access to each of our programmes. Our Society very much enjoys the social dimension to our meetings and events.

Our paintings are regularly exhibited to the general public where we hope that our work may give pleasure to all and encouragement to those who are interested in developing their creative capability.

Painting together en plein air

Summer Exhibition of members work, collaborating with other local art groups.